JClassFinder is a simple but powerful utility to search files in jar files. Given a file or a directory and list of files, JClassFinder searches the files in the given directory and its sub-directories. This tool has following features 1. It is a multi-threaded application, wherein a thread searches for jar files in the file system, while the other thread searches for given files in the jar files found. 2. GUI is updated almost immediately and hence the user need not wait till the threads are finished. 3. The tool also has facility to stop the searching in the midway. This may be helpful when the user has given a top most directory (searching takes considerable amount of time) but the file is already found. So the user can stop as soon he/she wants to do. 4. Has real time progress viewer and status of the tasks can be seen. 5. Provides a Swing based GUI 6. Platform Independent and the tool is very lightweight.

Under Construction